Village Tour

We all know that city life is too crowded and we do not see the blue sky as much as we want to. So we should all take a break from a daily routine and visit a village once in a while. The greenery of the village, the innocent smile of the people that dwell in it makes us feel that the world should be simple. The fresh breeze from the large shady trees renews our lungs and it’s shade is like an oasis in the hot summer days. The purity of the air has no pollutants and the feel of that fresh air rejuvenates our soul.

Matir Bari Trip

Do you want to spend quality time in our Matir Bari where you can catch fish, play with local children, or enjoy the serene greenery and chirping of the beautiful birds? This is a unique resort where you feel the complete sense of rural Bengal. You can do the office conference and picnic also. It is pet friendly.

Hooghly Resort Trip

It is an awesome resort where you find such a big nice shaped swimming pool which force you to stop for viewing beauty. It is an ideal place for a weekend for swimming, playing indoor games, and GYM. Yes, it is pet friendly.

Pool Bari Trip

In this rural environment, people surely can take a new breath at Pool Bari. Spending a day outing or a night stay together a little peace comes to your mind. The swimming pool here will bring you another dimension of beauty. Behind it, there is an eye-catching lake. It is a pet-friendly private property. It is an ideal place for a picnic.

Lalkuthir Trip

The unique gateway where you can feel the presence of Rabindra Nath Thakur. The village is rustic in nature with a ” lal matir saad” it is a really a gift from Mother Nature with its lush green fields and home of baul the folk lore mosic we all love. You can carry your Pet also.

Karukriti Trip

Here you are surrounded by green environment,You will be welcomed by the call of birds .You suddenly hear the flapping sound of butterfy wings.You can view Pottery studio,Dokra Studio as well printing studio.Here you can organise workshop also for creative engagement people.

Blue View Resort Trip

A nice looking boutique resort will surely attract you to change the mind and soul of your tired and stressed body. Here you will get 4-star facilities. It s just 3 km away from Shantiniketan and has a beautiful swimming pool.