Riverside Tour

Generally, we prefer to choose riverside resorts as a weekend destination near Kolkata. Because these are not only very near to Kolkata but also we get our mind and body refreshed while checking into river-facing hotels. People catching fish or seeing sunrise or sunset are one of the most attractive when you prefer a riverside hotel as a weekend gateway from Kolkata.

SB Resort, Kolaghat Trip

Let's spend at Sonar Bangla Resort at Kolaghat on the banks of the Rupnarayan River . You will have a river facing room, indoor games, and enjoy our river facing swimming pool. You can plan for day outing also. Moreover, you will get a good discount from us only at the time of booking

SB Resort, Taki Trip

A memorable weekend vacation will remain forever if you visit Sonar Bangla Resort at Taki. From every room you can get clear view of Bangladesh just opposite of Icchamati River. Swimmimg on a river facing pool will be an added attraction here. Moreover, you will enjoy a good discount from us only at the time of booking

Raipur Resort Trip

Just one and a half-hour drive from Esplanade you can easily reach our Raipur Resort which is situated just on the banks of the Ganges in  South 24 Parganas. A well-decorated swimming pool and a large garden full of known and unknown trees will surely attract you. Here you can spend in groups as there are only two big hall rooms there in this two-storied bungalow. .It is a pet-friendly private property

River Point Trip

River Point at Falta is a river-facing hotel for middle-class people. During winter you will feel the cold breeze of the Ganges river but still, you will jump into the swimming pool.

Diamond Resort Trip

The most beautiful and painted resort is our Diamond Resort.No description is required for this awesome weekend destination. Just go, enjoy the pool, feel the environment. Post all your photographs on social media and you will get surely win the heart of your followers.

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