Hillside Tour

Hillside resorts and homestays are really nice to go to any time of the year. The hills are green and colorful with all sorts of flowers, dahlias begonias, herbs, and different type of orchids Tourists are fallen in love with Himalayan beautify and Kanchanjangha. The greenery with the colors is soothing sights for the hungry eyes which are coming from the dusty cities. The clean air and the mist in the morning feel like your dream has come true. The hillside forests are filled with songbirds and hearing their songs will feel like miracles are about to happen.

Darjeeling SB Trip

Sonar Bangla is just a 3 minutes walking distance from Darjeeling Mall which is preferred by every tourist. If you opt for a view room you can see the queen of hills. The more you see the Himalayan beauty the more you will love. Kanchanjangha is always playing hide and seek with you. Always try to visit Tiger Hill to watch the sunrise early in the morning. Moreover, you will get a good discount from us only at the time of booking

Ramdhura Homestay

Nowadays people prefer offbeat Himalaya so you have to visit an unknown village called Ramdhura which is just 15 km from Kalimpong. Our homestay is where you can directly face Kanchanjangha. The landscape is covered by the Pine forest. The evening becomes misty when the sun goes down behind the hills.

Charkhole Homestay Trip

Charkhole is the name of the village of sunset. Surrounded by jungle, this unnamed village is full of unnamed flowers and birdsong. Charkhole Homestay is perfect for those who want some personal time without indulging in the hustle-bustle of Darjeeling, Kalimpong, or even Gangtok.

Sitong Homestay Trip

Have you heard the name of the orange village? No, it is not Nagpur, it is almost an untouched village of Darjeeling. Riyang river is flowing near the village and you can not imagine the beauty of our homestay. You can try to stay in our homestay tent which also has a Kanchanjangha view. Stay here and feel the Lepcha Hamlet.

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