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Pocket Travel is another budding name of Weekend Gateway in Kolkata. During this unprecedented Covid season people are depressed, fatigued, and full of tension. The best way to heal is to change one’s scenario. The best way is to do that is to go on a short weekend trip as there are restrictions on many ways of conveyance.

This is the reason why weekend destination near Kolkata is growing popular day by day. Tourists want a little bit of luxury and Pocket Travel is there to help you to make everlasting memories. We want our near and  dear ones  with us when we make these memories and Pocket travel can help you for making this possible for you. They want to share their good experience by posting photographs on various social media platforms. 

So we want to focus on resorts near Kolkata.

Join weekend gateway and enjoy our resort near Kolkata

Pocket Travel works to enhance the traveler’s experience by providing quality, affordable, and enjoyable weekend gateway in Kolkata that inspire pocket-friendly travel.

At Pocket Travels, we strive in helping people organize the best possible travel experience- one that is not only the best but also the one that fits your budget. We also believe that quality family time is the need of the hour. The 21st-century busy households seldom get to spend time with one another. That is why we plan affordable trips and tailor-made weekend gateway from Kolkata for families and small groups so that you can make memories and keep your family bond strong. Families that take trips together stays together.

In short, we have built our business on turning luxury travel into affordable travel. So, if you are looking for that extra bit of comfort and relaxation in your next travel- look no further. We are here to take care of you.

Beach Trip

People love mostly beach weekends. When you plan for beach resorts then you are searching for awesome weather, exotic seafood and water sports, and adventure. Spending time on a sea bath will surely boost our energy So spending on seaside resorts will be the best option for beach weekend gateways.

Village Trip

We all know that city life is too crowded and we do not see the blue sky as much as we want to. So we can all take a break from a daily routine and visit a village once in a while. The greenery of the village, the innocent smile of the people that dwell in it makes us feel that the world should be simple. The fresh breeze renews our lungs and the feel of the fresh air rejuvenates our soul.

Hill Trip

The beauty of Himalaya, Kanchanjangha, pine forest, and jungle are really the attraction for choosing Hill as a most preferred weekend destination. If you have just two days leave then just go and dive into the lap of nature. You will never feel such freshness anywhere other than these places. Staying at a homestay will feel you the living taste of hill dwellers.

River Trip

The waterfront always has beautiful views. Rivers are full of a variety of fishes and as Bengalis, we love to eat fish. So visiting a Riverfront resort helps us to see beyond our horizon which is a treat for the eyes and also a treat for our stomachs as the saying says to enter a person, heart, you have entered through a stomach.

Explore The Nature

Touring  Kolkata Weekend Getaways is as exciting and adventurous as going to other parts of the world or India.
 Our Bengal is rich in history and its beauty.
For those who have traveled Bengal finds that it is awesome. Say it is Darjeeling or the Sundarbans and everything in between has glorious scenery of the mountains and the thrill of seeing Royal Bengal Tigers. These are all once in a lifetime experience.

Take a weekend trip to Kolkata with Pocket travel and discover the treasures and beauty of Bengal.

What we get from Pocket Travel

We help you to find a beautiful weekend trip to Kolkata. From Sea to Mountain, Village to City, River to Forest we are here to suggest some offbeat Places Near Kolkata and  North Bengal.

We are dealing with Resorts near Kolkata.  We have Pet-Friendly Hotels in Kolkata. You can get a Hotel with Swimming Pool as well as couple-friendly hotels.


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